Friday, January 13, 2012

New Blog

Okay so this blog is no longer working as i wish it would.
It isn't like i am going to stop with blogging but i am now continuing on a second blog. You will be able to find my douche ass over here:

Best regards
Bean The Atheist

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Skeptic, Part 2!

So my last post was some kind of greeting. A way to say that i now exist here on This time i will go a little deeper into my last past. So this is a post about a post.

Last time i wrote a post called Be Skeptic.
So how are you Skeptic? If you are a smart person, you have learned this by yourself, or at least will.
Though there are some stupid fucks in this world as well. Consider this post as a guide to be skeptic.

If you believe in either God (any of them), Santa, or monster below your bed you are probably stupid. All of these named above are fictional stains in our society. But there's only one that people actully can believe their whole life. And i feel sorry for the people who do, because they are to stupid to realize that imaginary friends are for little kids and one or two mentally disturbed guys. So here's where my guide's take place.

It is probably to late to save the 24/7 praying hipster douches but we can still save the next generation.When kids are small, they are very impressionable. That why they believe stupid shit like Santa or god.
We must not forget that this is not just the time for stupid ass parents to teach their kids about god, but it is also your time to troll the shit out of your little brother/sister.

If you tell your little brother for example all stupid-ass lies. Like if it rains for more then seven days a row the whole world will drown, or like if he don't poo every day it will get stuck and he will die. Things like this that scares him out, a lot of these things. This will result that the little dude wont believe a single word you tell him in the future, neither anyone else words either.

Do you understand, by lying about shit to him, he will grow up as a skeptic. He will analyze everything, read up about all kinds of things so he can be sure that no one tricks him into believing in anything stupid.

This does work like a charm, try it for yourself.

Best Regards

Be Skeptic

So, Here it goes, first post as a blogger.

I am gonna start of by explaining my name and why i am here in the first place.
I am not here, to get attention. I am not here, to run a blog.
I am here for one reason. To spread idea's. As V said Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

I will never care about how my blog "looks" with other words, i choose this look because it's simply and easy. Bright and normal. Further than this i will never go. Nor am i gonna update my profile or anything like that, to you my readers, i am Bean.

As long as my idea's goes there's a bit more. I wont only post atheist post, probably they wont even be majority. I will post anything that crosses my mind. Though you might want to expect things that annoy me. I got more shit to say about these things.

I intend to write with facts. Every post is here for a reason. I might want to make the world a bit smarter i guess and not just to listen to any bullshit political party and believe everything they spit out.
So here is my first words of wisdom.

Be Skeptic.